Three MV Island teams recently competed for a chance to go to the USTA Mixed doubles 40 & over Sectional Tournament at the combined 8.0 level. Each team needed a minimum of 3 mixed doubles partners and had to play each team twice in the last two months. The champions, “MV FIREBALLERS” will travel to the sectional tournament this weekend, July 16 & July 17, 2016, which will be held at the Bass River Tennis Club in Beverly, MA and the Winchester Tennis Club in Winchester, MA. The “MV FIREBALLERS” consists of 8 local Island tennis enthusiasts including Captain, Beth Sawyer, Co-Captain Shawn Schofield, Paul Ulyatt, Skip Dostal, Adam Bresnick, Pavla Rego, Michelle Bettencourt and Laura Schroeder. Only 6 players will travel to the tournament so the team is hoping to stay healthy and fit throughout the tournament. All venues are indoor hard courts, which is ideal for this group whom rely mostly on their quickness. Each player will utilize their vast knowledge of tennis strokes and try to exploit their opponent with shots such as; the lob, the drive, the slice and some specialty shots such as; the half volley, the dump and the buggywhip.

Some of the team players could be seen relaxing and strategizing this past week in preparation for the big match. Paul Ulyatt’s homemade 28′ sailboat, called the DNS 28, AKA “Does Not Suck” was the ideal spot on the Edgartown Harbor to promote team spirit & camaraderie. Agility and quickness was key, just as on the tennis court to avoid getting your head knocked off by the ever moving boom. Paul was a great instructor and made jibbing and tacking a breeze for the greenies on board.

dostal photo