A long time coming!

In early 2012 I had a vision that it would be fabulous for such as small tennis community such as us to have a Tennis Directory of all the local players.  After all, there are more and more players active in the game today and even though you might think you know everyone, there is always that someone you had forgotten about.  So I decided starting compiling a list through various directories on the island and generally that vast many people that I had taught over the years or the players that had participated in our tournaments here at Vineyard Youth Tennis.  I had even contacted a printer to inquire about printing costs for the pamphlet style directory that one could keep in their tennis bag.

During this period  Martha’s Vineyard Community Tennis ( MVCT) was founded.  Of course we were anxious and had a long list of things we wanted to do as an organization.  One of them was to have our own website  that could be the “go to” website for the island.  We also then came up with a plan to post the directory on the site since you would have to practically reside in outerspace not to have access to the internet this day and age.  As our board evolved and members came and went, the directory and website idea was sort of pushed to the back burner.  Each year we discuss it and how we are going to go about activating the site and the directory. Well, now the time has come, welcome to the vineyardtennis.com and the first MV Tennis Players Online Directory!  There are a couple things to remember. We will be contacting you on how to access the directory with your online password soon.  Two, if you any of your information is incorrect please contact myself at scott@vineyard.net and we will fix it.  Also, the directory is only for year round residents and if it is well received we plan to include summer residents in the future.  Also, please remember to spread the word about our website as we do plan on updating it regularly with news, photos and stories.  If you would like to contribute  a story that is great!

We hope you enjoy the site and remember feedback is always welcome. We want to be your source for island tennis news and we need everyone’s help to make this the best community tennis association website around!