Problems with net-rushers?

Try hitting to their feet

Do aggressive serve-and-volleyers intimidate you when playing doubles? Are you having a difficult time passing your opponent as he or she rushes the net? If so, try hitting to one of the most effective targets — down the middle at the net-rusher’s feet. Instead of going for a low-percentage, angled passing shot all of the time, mix it up by hitting to your opponent’s feet as he or she is running toward the net. For one, you will be hitting over the lowest part of the net. Also, your opponent will have a tough time hitting an offensive volley or half-volley from below knee level. Don’t be afraid to go for the lower-percentage, angled passing shots when you are confident. But remember, it’s the shot hit to the net-rusher’s feet that might give him or her more problems — and give you the point.