Tennis Tips

Going down the line?

Point your shoulder Are your down-the-line forehand shots reliable? Or do your attempts sail too wide or too far toward the center of your opponent’s baseline? The down-the-line shot calls for accurate placement because the target area is… Read More

Volley strategy

Technique tips: Continental grip Racquet head up Move forward to the ball Targets: Low volley’s aim to the player further away High volley’s a) the player closer to the net b) angle volley Chest high–DEAD VOLLEY–ball lands low… Read More

Learn from a hockey goalie

Move, protect the net The closer you are to the net, the more offensive opportunities you have available. Still, net play involves a lot of “defense” to respond to your opponent’s passing shots, deep lobs and other attacks…. Read More

Problems with net-rushers?

Try hitting to their feet Do aggressive serve-and-volleyers intimidate you when playing doubles? Are you having a difficult time passing your opponent as he or she rushes the net? If so, try hitting to one of the most… Read More